Our study has been designed and it is conducted with the involvement of people with MS.

Patient Decision Aid- Booklet- DOWNLOAD PDF!

Manzano A, Ford HL, Potrata B, Eskyte I, Meads D, Webb E, Pepper, G, Schmierer K, Chataway J, Pavitt S, Bekker HL. Treatment Decision Making and Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis. The CRIMSON Project Decision Aid Booklet. (July, 2019). University of Leeds. Download here: CrimsonBrochure_WEB_2020 (2)

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Conference Presentations

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Poster Presentations

  • Manzano A, Eskyte I, Pavitt S, Ford H, Pepper G, Bekker H, Chataway J, Schmierer K, Meads D, Marti J, Potrata BPerson with MS-focused decision making: Deconstructing key attributes of disease modifying therapies for people with relapsing remitting MS,  MS Frontiers 2017
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